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Coletividad is about

1. Organize the World’s Learning through Data, Technology, and Design

2. Create a New Global Educational System and The Future of Education

3. Learning, Teaching, and Creating the World of Tomorrow. Wherever you are, with who you want, for what you want

This is a beta version — a simplified and tiny beginning of this promissing Future.

Stay in touch and be a part of it.

What this Platform is about

1. All things Learn, Teach, and Create. Paths, Blocks, Tours, Syllabus, Communities for your Design, Technology, Business, and Innovation Journey.

2. Visit Startups, Companies, and Studios. See first hand the challenges, tips, and routines of professionals, teams, and leaders.

3. Platform. To greatly expand access and promote high value for users and visitors of all types and objectives.

4. Reduce Information Asymmetries. To allow you to discover, find, and choose easier, better, cheaper, and faster. The things that you didn’t know that you didn’t know.

5. Promote a common understanding and take the Design, Technology and Innovation Community and Market forward.

6. Data. Organize Market changes, opportunities, practices, and technologies that affect you, your role and your team — directly through those promoting it.

7. Sharing Economy. Collaborative Intelligence to connect diverse data sources to create useful, usable, desirable and customized learning paths.

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To map, cluster and organize structured and unstructured data semantically to predict valuable learning paths

Simplified example part of Coletividad Data organization scheme

To create an extensive and systematic learning structure — distributed — beyond the limits of methodologies, rooms, buildings, and fields

About Simplified Learning Paths in Design, Technology, Business and Innovation Videos, Books, Schools, Teachers, Events, Companies, Courses, Colleges, Articles, Podcasts

What I am about

Hi, I’m Julio Fontes.
I developed this site and created Coletividad.

I always thought that Education was about opportunity.

The opportunity for you to become the best version of yourself by learning how to recognize the World around you. To overcome the fear(s) of the unknown(s) and to understand that you have the ability to mold it — in small and big ways.

Over the years I saw how people were trying to “fix Education” by producing more content (data/information) — not insight or wisdom.

To me, this approach of just “more content” (in old ones or new channels) is like trying to solve the mobility problem by simple building more (internal combustion engine) cars.

That totally misses the point. The issue in economic and social mobility, the opportunity of remote work an sharing economy models, of roads, metro, bikes, trains networks — the infrastructure in which all exists and is delivered.

Infrastructure is the key word. And i like

How crazy it is that we can easily make a thorough search, compare and buy more than 2000 items (sneakers/clothes/makeup), filter them by color, by fabric, by brand, by size, by objective… But when it comes to investing in us we don’t have a data-based and analytical tool even closer to that extent.

We do not have an easy answer about:

  • How do I find the right course/college/school/workshop that fits my personal context, objectives, time and money?
  • How do I compare specific details between them?
  • Where can I go from that? Where are the best opportunities for me?
  • Who can i trust to guide and mentor me?
  • What can I do with this?
  • etc…

It's been a long journey

Coletividad has gone through a lot — with no investors, sponsors or partnerships.

Yet, it managed to invent, innovate, operate, produce, create, organize, manage, promote, sell, write, help almost all things and formats of the what today it aggregates in this site.

From being a Design blog in 2010… to Production of International Design and Tech Events, to creating an Offline Crowdlearning System of our own Branded Courses with hundreds of successfully done editions.

In 2014 the first, and much simpler, version of this Platform was created through a successful Crowdfunding Campaign in Brazil.

In 2017 I acquired Visitei, a pioneer Platform created in 2013 to allow — primary students — to visit companies, studios and startups see the routines of theirs desired fields and job, first hand, reducing the distance between — expectation and reality, academia, and the market.

Since them, Visits were expanded and as I envisioned, it became a practical and structured ‘learning format’. To learn directly through companies, in real-life scenarios.

Now this kind of company visits were (until Covid-19) becoming a standard element in courses and bootcamps in Brazil.

Also in 2017 I announced another great piece of the puzzle. The concept of Colearning Spaces.

Originally planned to be launched in 2018, I failed to gather the necessary resources and fulfill the timeline… Despite of that, something really amazing happened. This concept started to be adopted and reproduced around the World based on my Medium post.

By march of 2020 we won second place in the 2019 Latin American Design Award in the Branding category, in the company of big Design/Branding names, as a result of the great work of DAÓ Studio (www.estudiodao.com). You can read about our Visual Identity here.

And now, this platform. 

Coletividad is about all things Learn, Teach, and Create. Organize the World's Learning through Data, Technology, and Design. Create a New Educational System.

What's next?

  1. Organize the World’s Learning through Data, Technology, and Design.
  2. Create a New Global Educational System and The Future of Education.
  3. Learning, Teaching, and Creating the World of Tomorrow. Wherever you are, with who you want, for what you want.

This site is not a standalone thing.

And is far from done.

The vision is to build a complete Global Infrastructure to support all things Learn, Teach, and Create — anywhere.

Here some of the next things that I will build:
  • ‘Learning-hailing’ (Crowdlearning, Crowdteaching, Crowdcreating);
  • Colearning;
  • ‘Opportunity Funding’ (Learning-teaching-creating);
  • ‘Mobile Education’ — Decentralized and Distributed Learning System;
  • A PMA Index (Pedagogical Measurement Algorithm) applicable to any piece data/content;
  • Schools and Colleges as Open Platforms;
  • A PAVREA (Personal Augmented and Virtual Reality Educational Assistant – AI based);
  • CPD Index (Contextual Pedagogical Data) about all spaces, companies, courses, schools;
  • Every place has solid standard and can be an efficient and measurable (permanent or transient) Learning Space;
  • Unstructured and structured Educational data connected in a ubiquitous, diverse, customized, predictive, adaptive, assisted and personalized pathway;
  • Faster, cheaper and richer learning opportunities wherever you are, in your own time, with whomever you want, for whatever you want;
  • Smart Citiy — Education as it’s pillar;
  • And more…
Watch me go.

Let's talk

This platform is a beta version — a simplified and tiny beginning of this promissing Future.

Stay in touch and be a part of it.


Thanks to ours 2014 crowdfunding backers

Thais Aguiar Zeller, Guilherme Vaz, João Antonio da Silva Neto, Ery Higa, Camila Brandão, Felipe Soares, Luis Fernando Guggenberger, Divinas Tetas, Camila Haddad, Carlos Scheliga, Jonatas Cesar, Larissa Fernandes, Dannyel Pontes, Nathalia Rocha, Nayara Vispo, Elisângela Rosângela, Daiane Miranda, Carolina Nascimento Rodrigues, Márcia Alves, José Ferreira Chaves, Di Giandomenico, Jose Ferreira da Silva, Silvio Nascimento, Rachel Lima, Victor Leite, Elizabeth Yaegashi, Fernanda Vaz, Carol Chikitani, Thomas Costa Queiroz, Bebe Castanheira, Any Vasquez, Acauan Iaizzo Longatti, Lucas Barboza de Oliveira, Thayane Carvalho, Bruno Cambi Guimarães Barros, Jaqueline Gimenes, Dannyel Pontes, Fabio Iori, Anthony Ravoni, Carlos Castro, Thiago Maia, Fabio Torquato, Carol T. Moré, Jonas Zuanazzi, Gabriele Do Rosário, Paula Ugalde, Luiza Di Beo Oliveira, Camila Paoletti, Gracinda Rodrigues, Virginia Roedel, Giovani Castelucci, Etutores Brasil, Ana Carolina Magalhães, Marilda Teixeira Scheliga, Itciar Cunha, Filipe Leuch Bonfim, Leticia Sampaio, Yasmim Moreira Martins, Ricardo Filho, Marco Aurélio Piai, Débora Gomes, Adrian Willer, Aline Masaracchia, Priscila Ornelas, Guilherme Talarico, Aline Kelly, Victor Belloti Lopes da Silva, Raquel Casciato, Elaine Teles, Rosemeire da Silva Chaves, Guilherme Webster, Patricia Valera, Bruna de Lourdes Nascimento Rodrigues, José de Araujo, Diógenes Magno Laube, Jorge Luiz Rubio, Francisco Arrais da Silva, Guilherme Mateus Magalhães, Kassio Alves e os anônimos.


Special thank’s to

Rose, Rubens, Renata, Felipe, Luiza, Jacqueline, Marcos e Ana. Muito obrigado Daniela Castro, Giovani Castelucci, Thiago ‘Barba’ Machado, William Kurosawa, Raquel Casciato, Luan de Almeida, Samantha Oda, Patricia Meneses, Estevão Rizzo, Lucas Coelho, Carlos Scheliga, Leonardo Cordeiro, Juan Bernabó, Carla De Bona, Eduardo Matos, Fernanda Carvalho, Ana Carolina Magalhães, Ana Paula Santos.


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